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About Heavenly Enterprises

A small business run by two people who take their time making sure you get what you want/need when it comes to web design. We will listen to your ideas and then make suggestions and in the end you will end up with a modern fully working website for your business.




For Web Design see below

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Web Design services!


Hosting: We offer 1 year free hosting on all websites costing over £300

Insert your graphic logo

We can take your existing graphic logo if you have one and make it fit for your chosen design.

Image Replacement

We take your images, size them appropriately, and place them into your site for you.

Have a Question? Call Us!

Questions ? Call us  if you have questions about our shop or web design...07777 692573

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Wordpress (From £50)

If you like wordpress but would like to use your own domain name we can install wordpress on our server for you and do the initial set up and then hand it over to you to continue with.

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Full Website (From £250)

We'll set up your site with your company name, menus, about page, info page and add photos/gallery for you depending on your requirements. We will create a minimum of 5 pages for you.

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Basic Website (From £100)

This is a very basic website that requires only 1 or 2 pages. We will add your text and a couple of photos for you all on your own domain main.

** We also offer an update service if you don't wish to run your own site or don't have time to do this. Please talk to us about this and we can work out how often you need to update and the cost.